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We are offer a very high quality service and our main aim is to give you only the very best, providing you with full support in all stages of motorcycling—from booking your CBT, to purchasing your very own motorcycle, as well as clothing, insurance and maintenance.

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Steps to getting a full license

Whether you're just starting or looking for expanding the entitlements of your license, we are here to help you.


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

You begin with 6–8 hour of basic training, and after completiontion—this is not a test which you can pass or fail—you receive a certificate, valid for 2 years, that allows you to book the actual test.

If you already have a full car driving license at the time of completing a CBT, you are automatically entitled to ride mopeds (up to 50cc and 4kW) without L plates—no need for a full moped test— for as long as your car license lasts. The same is true if you get a full car driving license within two years of CBT completion.


Module 1 Training

If you do not have a full car driving license, or you're looking to ride motorcycles bigger than 50cc, you'll need to additionally pass two practical tests. Your second stage of training with us is the module 1 training, consisting of 4 hours of off-the-road riding.


Module 2 Training

Your third stage of training is the module 1 test and module 2 training. Duration of this training is also 4 hours long.


Final Test

Your final stage of training is the module 2 test, which you've been training for from the very beginning with your CBT.

These module 1 and module 2 tests also need to be taken again, with larger engine motorcycles when upgrading your license beyond AM (mopeds)—to A1 (light motorcycles), to A2 (motorcycles), and to A (all motorcycles).

If you just want to find out what learning to ride a motorcycle is all about you are welcome to come along free of charge; or if you are getting back to biking again, we will support you with regaining your confidence and skill.

Call us for pricing and details

Having many years experience on different types of bikes and scooters we would be honoured to pass that knowledge on to you throughout your training period.

Here at CBTWatford.co.uk, we take all things into account and make it as enjoyable and safe as possible—there is nothing worse than having the love for motorcycles and going on a back with a friend and riding pillion on their motorcycle taking you up to high speeds and putting you off for the rest of your life!

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